FERRAGAMO brand introduction

Place of birth: Italy Founded: 1927 years
Product line: Men’s, women’s, handbags, glasses, footwear, perfume, accessories Brand story:
To comment on the classic status of FERRAGAMO, you can use Italy, New York, Paris Museum as a reference, because FERRAGAMO perfect shoe making process makes the museum are interested in the collection of its products.
Decorative leather on the leather buckle Ω has been identified FERRAGAMO leather goods, shoes and even hair accessories when the most obvious signs. And this metal buckle almost every season has a color change.
Salvatore Ferragamo (Ferragamo) since the establishment of the same name brand in 1927 began, although experienced a global economic recession, the Second World War, but still survive, and today become a classic fashion brand representative. Ferragamo later developed into a fashion group, in 1996 to obtain the French fashion brand Emanuel Ungaro’s control, in 1997 and Bvlgari cooperation in business, the development of aroma and cosmetics. In 1998, Ferragamo and Luxottica cooperation launched glasses series, so that Ferragamo business more diversified. In 2002, in order to pay tribute to the World Cup, Ferragamo for the first time the World Cup limited edition merchandise for football fans to collect collections. Ferragamo Italy’s leather kingdom, creativity, passion and toughness is the Ferragamo family of constant values, and from generation to generation. Style luxurious and elegant, practical and style both, with traditional hand-designed and fashionable reputation of the world. Because of its pursuit of perfection, so both young and old, the brand’s awareness is no less than any other brand.
Image result for FERRAGAMONow the brand is not limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and bags, but to become involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, wine and other areas of the giant trend indicators. Founder Salvatore Ferragamo exceptionally concerned about the quality and detail, Salvatore Ferragamo firmly believe that – comfortable and popular is not contradictory, it has always been the core design concept of the brand, taking into account the health and fashion. In the new season, are usually divided into classic and popular two routes, bold colors to fake ferragamo belts convey the characteristics of young fashion – the future in their own, in order to dream of adventure, to create a touch of heartstroke masterpiece. Brand won the “star Queen cobbler” title. Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world’s top designers of leather products, accessories, clothing and fragrance through his talented talent and talent, and not only wants to pass on his knowledge and experience in leather design. Of the family and business, but also hope to replica ferragamo  belts  give the world to share his enthusiasm for leather design. But also a creative entrepreneur, not only the establishment of the Ferragamo worldwide product distribution channels and mass production system, but also cleverly Ferragamo’s traditional brand concept and modern advanced technology for the perfect combination. Has been for the development and promotion of leather industry spare no effort.

Ferragamo’s history

Spini Feroni (Spagne Mansion), which was built in the 13th century, is the headquarters of the Salvatore Ferragamo Empire. The building is breathtaking. Numerous tapestries and paintings dotted its high room. It is a landmark building in Florence, where visitors are quietly submissive under its solemnity.
But in Ferruccio Ferragamo – chairman of the group and the eldest son of Salvatore Ferragamo – more than half a century ago there is no such luxury, but also some noisy.
“When I was young, the next door was the room where the cobblers were making shoes,” he pointed to one of the few small living rooms today. “I still remember the sweet voice, which is a unique sound from the hammer, which is the music that flows in the blood.
Blood is very important for the Ferragamo family. It is the combination of shoes and blood to create the “tribe” (family members like to call it), one of the world’s most famous business empire.
Salvatore Ferragamo brand known for fake Ferragamo belts its bow ballet shoes, last year’s annual income of 1.3 billion euros, as of December, has been around the world with 620 stores. One-third of the company’s shares are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, and most of the company’s stock remains in Salvatore Ferragamo – a shoemaker from the south of Neapolitan – more than 70 survivors. In the 1920s, Salvatore Ferragamo fame in Hollywood, when the fame is less than 20 years old.
This is a very unique story from scratch. In 1927 Ferragamo returned to Italy, this soft and stylish shoes made him very famous, so that Judy Garland, Marilyn Monro e and Sophia Loren such stars are looking for personal customization. He can even buy the entire Spini Feroni mansion, but at the beginning also had to rent most of the floor to help pay for the month.
At the age of 93, the awesome act of Ferragamo insists that all family members take the same remuneration and hold the same proportion of company stock. Mr. Ferragamo said that at first he thought it was not fair because he assumed more responsibility. But in the end he realized that such a clear provision would help the company to flourish.

Image result for FerragamoThis provision has been extended to the third generation – management shows that the family business is usually to this generation will decline. Up to three third-generation members of the Ferragamo family can work in the business and need to prove that they are competent and good enough.
“We set this rule because we saw too many companies fail because of the division of the family,” he said. “When I was young, I often told them that I would put the company’s interests first, not their own direct benefits, because the company’s interests were their interests, but if I had them The interests of the first place, I may ruin the company.
Michele Norsa previously worked in another family business, Marzotto, who came to the office in 2006 and made an initial public offering. Recruitment of external staff is also part of the company’s long-term survival program. Salvatore Ferragamo’s stock value has doubled since its listing in 2011. The holding company owned by the second generation of brothers and sisters owns 56% of the shares of the listed company. And the shares held shall not be sold – at least in this generation – all family members can freely sell their own shares within the company.
In spite of this, Ferragamo admits the experience of replica Ferragamo belt the Hermes family – LVMH has bought 23% of the shares without the family’s knowledge or consent – is a matter of great concern. “We want to avoid getting someone else into the company,” he said.
As their wealth grows, their business interests are more extensive. Mr. Ferragamo and his brother Massimo (chairman of Ferragamo America) are in Tuscany, Il Borro and Castiglion del Bosco have huge real estate, are luxury resorts and wine estate. Every year, the whole family will meet at Il Borro.
“If I do not live in Italy, I will live in the United States.” His brother Massimo will never leave the United States back to Italy. “His children often said,” When do we go home? ” “And he said,” absolutely no, “he said with a smile.
James Ferragamo is one of Ferragamo’s twin sons who work in the Women’s Leather Products division, which will lead the third generation of the family into senior management. Does he want his son to take over his post as chairman? “If this is right for the company, if not, then I hope he is a wealthy shareholder, not a bad chairman.”